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We provide training tailored to the needs of your organisation, helping to equip your team with skills to be attentive and respond to cyber threats and incidents.

Bespoke Tabletop Exercises

What is Bespoke Tabletop Exercises?

Tabletop exercises are face-to-face scenario-based training for senior business managers and crisis management teams. They test response plans, train teams, and improve understanding of cyber risks.

With a wide range of scenarios available, the exercise can be tailored to address specific organisational areas and plans, such as Business Continuity Planning, Disaster Recovery, Incident Handling, and more.

Why conduct Bespoke Tabletop Exercises?

Response Plan Improvements

As part of the exercises, your response plans (such as BCP/IRP) will likely be used and tested. The strengths and weaknesses of the plans will be discovered and your team can then take the lessons learned to improve and strengthen the response plans.

Preparation and Training

The better prepared an organisation is for a crisis, then better they will respond when it occurs. This scenario based training will guide key decision makers to understand the considerations required in the event of a cyber incident.

Improved Communications

Understanding the lifescycle of a cyber incident and the roles and responsibilities required to respond effectively, enables key staff to communicate more effectively internally and and to external stakeholders.


Face-to-Face Training Session

Our team will work with your business managers and crisis management teams in facilitated sessions. We will guide the conversations and assist in defining the scope, maintaining flow, and guiding the session.

Key Expert Lessons Learned

Following the session, our team will provide you with notes regarding lessons learned and any key takeaways our team identified. Along with the notes taken by your team, these can allow for improvement of incident management processes.


The team participating in the exercises gain confidence in their knowledge and skills required to respond to a cyber incident. Additionally, stakeholders in your organisation can have higher confidence in your organisation’s ability to respond to cyber incidents, thus having higher confidence in your organisation as a whole.

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