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We provide training tailored to the needs of your organisation, helping to equip your team with skills to be attentive and respond to cyber threats and incidents.

Cyber Awareness Presentation

What is Cyber Awareness Presentation?

cyberSuite’s Cyber Awareness Presentation is a facilitated training session/s, conducted in-person or remotely. These sessions offer your employees the opportunity to be introduced to cyber security basics, including cyber threats and risks.

We also address other topics, including: data management, privacy, preventative measures, and practical actions to do to reduce cyber risk.

Why conduct Cyber Awareness Presentation?

Reduced Risk

The knowledge and skills obtained from this presentation will significantly reduce your organisation’s cyber and privacy risks. This awareness presentation can reduce the risk of a breach occurring, and helps to prevent against data and financial loss, as well as reputational damage.


This is a cost-effective approach to understanding and educating your organisation’s staff in the current threats it faces. In addition, to also provides them with the knowledge and skills required to detect and prevent security incidents, ultimately reducing your organisation’s cyber and privacy risks.


This presentation will give your staff confidence in their ability to carry out their regular organisational duties, while being able to manage threats and protect organisational assets. This confidence can also result in increased productivity and promotes a positive organisational culture.


Staff Presentation

cyberSuite will deliver a 1-2 hour presentation, either in-person or virtually,, followed by a Q&A session.

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