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We provide training tailored to the needs of your organisation, helping to equip your team with skills to be attentive and respond to cyber threats and incidents.

Cyber Awareness Training  Program

What is Cyber Awareness Training  Program?

cyberSuite’s Cyber Awareness Training Program provides your organisation with a regular, tracked, and customisable cyber awareness training program, in collaboration with our partner, CyberHoot. This program provides training tailored to the needs of your organisation, while increasing the effectiveness of one of the most powerful cyber security tools – trained staff. This training utilises modern learning techniques to deliver easily consumable training modules.

With this program, we can run simulated phishing campaigns using one of our high-quality templates. Our templates mimic common real-world phishing emails, and landing pages, including typo-swatted domains. You can even auto-assign training to users who fall for our phishing simulations, and view detailed reports on which users view, open, and even submit information in our phishing tests.

Why conduct Cyber Awareness Training  Program?

Reduced Risk

The knowledge and skills obtained from this training program will significantly reduce your organisation’s cyber security risks. The organisations that participate in this awareness training can reduce the risk of a breach occurring, and protect the organisation from the repercussions of data and financial loss, and reputational damage.

Easy integration

On-boarding and off-boarding staff into the platform can be easily conducted through Microsoft Entra (Active Directory) integration or through an uploaded csv file.


Our Cyber Awareness Training Program will give your staff members confidence in their ability to carry out their regular business duties, while obtaining the knowledge and education necessary to protect organisational assets. This confidence can also result in increased productivity and promotes a positive organisational culture.


Regular Online Training

Security awareness training is presented in short and engaging videos and quizzes that are emailed directly to your employees each month, in addition to assignment-based phish testing. This automatic process means that your staff will maintain compliance and remain attentive to critical and relevant cyber security topics.

Detailed Reporting

You will receive automated status reports to your email inbox to track your staff’s training and compliance progress, in addition to Dark Web Monitoring reports, outlining employee account exposures.

Phishing Campaigns

Phishing training is automatically included in the training program, however phishing similations can be arranged for the entire organisation or certain groups on request for no addistional cost.

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