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incident response

We are here to help in the event a cyber incident, providing swift advice and incident response and helping your organisation reduce the risk of future threats to your business.


What is eDiscovery?

eDiscovery is the process of sifting through information held by an entity to determine which information is relevant for a specific purpose and what is not.

In conducting eDiscovery, cyberSuite works with organisations, and any legal representation, to define the parameters of the scanning process, ensuring efficiency during the process, without compromising any quality control or missing crucial information.

After experiencing a cyber incident, eDiscovery allows your organisation to understand the types of information that was compromised during the incident, and to meet any post-breach notification obligations, and recovery and data minimisation requirements.

Why conduct eDiscovery?

Expertise and Analysis

Our team offers expert understanding of whether affected information is notifiable information within the parameters provided to us and sort this information accordingly. Alongside our AI tools, we efficiently filter the information involved in a breach into notifiable information or otherwise for you to meet relevant deadlines.


Final Entity List

After we have conducted our review, cyberSuite will provide your organisation with a final entity list, outlining what information has been impacted, who has been affected, and to what extent. This will enable your organisation to carry out any notifications that may be required.

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