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incident response

We are here to help in the event a cyber incident, providing swift advice and incident response and helping your organisation reduce the risk of future threats to your business.

Post Breach Remediation

What is Post Breach Remediation?

One of the most common forms of cyber incident today is Business Email Compromise (BEC). Our team has assembled a package, including remediation priorities and implementation processes, and also offers 2 hours of advisory consultation.

If your organisation is the victim of a BEC incident, this package should provide you with the steps, tools, and expertise to both to recover from the event, and to also mitigate against the impact and success of future BECs on your business.

Why conduct a Post Breach Remediation?


You can rest easy knowing that you have an expert to help guide you through remediating your business email compromise. Our team will work with your staff to facilitate effective remediation.

Risk Reduction

Our package guides you through putting controls in place which will reduce the chances of future cyber incidents, not just Business Email Compromises.


With the assistance of our team, you can have the confidence that the compromise will be handled effectively. You also will have confidence that new controls, processes, and procedures have been put in place to reduce the chances of another incident happening.



Once the incident has begun to move past the initial response phase, it is important to remediate any outstanding vulnerabilities to prevent an attack from occuring again. We will help you put the appropriate mitigations in place based on the desired outcomes and budgets.

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