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Real-time Cyber Threat Notifications

What is Real-time Cyber Threat Notifications?

Our Real-Time Cyber Threat Notifications Service provides you with early notifications of threats and vulnerabilities that are likely to impact your specific organisation. By monitoring cyber security developments and intelligence sources, our team can identify significant and exploitable vulnerabilities.

We evaluate these vulnerabilities to determine if they could pose a threat to your organisation and if they could, we provide an early notification to you. This notification includes details of the threat, the actions you can take to remediate the threat, and any additional information you may need to know.

Why conduct Real-time Cyber Threat Notifications?

Increased Awareness of Vulnerabilities

Around a hundred new vulnerabilities are identified each day. Determining which vulnerabilities affect your organisation and how to address them can prove challenging. Our service can assist you in not missing the most critical of vulnerabilities which often pose a significant risk to your organisation.

Easy to Understand Remediation

Our notifications are written to be easy to understand and useful for your team to action, so that both business leaders and technical teams can understand the threats and remediation recommendations.

Risk Reduction

Critical vulnerabilities pose a significant risk to your organisation if not properly remediated. However, by working to remediate them in a timely manner, you can greatly decrease the risks to your organisation. Our notification service offers you the ability to identify and remediate vulnerabilities as they are identified.


Notifications of Identified Vulnerabilities

It is easy to be unaware of vulnerabilities in your software, systems, or organisation. Our Real-Time Cyber Threat Notifications mean that you will be alerted to the most critical vulnerabilities facing your organisation, so you won’t miss a thing.

Expert Advice

Beyond merely identifying vulnerabilities to you, our team includes remediation actions and additional expert advice that can help you to make informed decisions on how to reduce your risk.

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