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We help your organisation to assess and enhance your cybersecurity posture, mitigate risks, and navigate the evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Tailored Threat Briefing

what is Tailored Threat Briefing

A Tailored Threat Briefing provides your organisation with an overview of the risks and vulnerabilities that your organisation uniquely faces, in addition to relevant cyber threats facing your specific industry.

We employ our cyber threat intelligence capabilities to analyse data from your organisation and provide a tailored briefing. After outlining the relevant cyber threats and vulnerabilities, we then provide a walkthrough of mitigation strategies that you can deploy to counter these threats.

Why conduct a Tailored Threat Briefing?

Identified Threats to Your Organisation

The cyber threats that organisations face are many and varied. Our experts can help to highlight the ones most critical to your unique organisation and provide education on what these threats mean, how to address them, and steps you can take to reduce their impact.

More Informed Staff

A key aspect of our Tailored Threat Briefings is providing education around cyber security, threat actors, and vulnerabilities. We strongly believe that by addressing and educating your staff on these subjects, they can make more informed decisions and stay safer both at work and in their personal lives.

More Secure Business Practices

By understanding your current cyber threats, you can identify the areas of weakness within your cyber security and business practices. This allows you to develop improved practices which will reduce the likelihood and impact of any future cyber incidents.



We deliver a 1-hour briefing to your organisation, outlining the threats facing your organisation and risk mitigation strategies you can implement.

Optional Written Report

If requested, we can also provide a report detailing the information we covered during the briefing.

Improved Understanding

These tools provide the confidence of understanding the unique threats of your organisation, threats common within your industry, and how to address these. This increased understanding is a great tool for building increased cyber security and resilience.

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