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Case studies

Strengthening cybersecurity: Acme’s path to securing Cyber Insurance


In response to the growing threat of cyber-attacks and data breaches, Acme Inc, a medium-sized retail company with numerous stores across Australia and a robust e-commerce platform, aimed to bolster its cyber risk management. The company outsourced all IT and security management to a managed service provider. Despite this, their initial application for cyber insurance was rejected due to inadequate security controls.


To address these deficiencies, Acme Inc engaged cyberSuite to conduct a Cyber Insurance Readiness Assessment. This comprehensive evaluation involved detailed interviews and a thorough analysis of the existing security and privacy controls against a set of pre-defined standards tailored to Acme Inc’s business goals. The primary objectives were to align their security framework with industry standards, secure cyber insurance, and enhance overall cyber risk management.


The CIRA culminated in a detailed report, which cyberSuite discussed with Acme Inc’s key stakeholders. The discussion highlighted critical areas for improvement, including those that were specifically relevant being in a better position to obtain cyber insurance. Implementing these recommendations allowed Acme Inc to reapply for cyber insurance. With a better understanding of their security posture and new controls in place, they secured a policy that provided coverage against various cyber risks.

This strategic approach not only reduced their risk of cyber incidents occurring, but also ensured they were well-prepared to manage potential breaches effectively.

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