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We help safeguard your organisation's digital assets and infrastructure from cyber threats with a range of proactive and reactive measures.

Vulnerability Scanning

What is Vulnerability Scanning?

All software, hardware, and systems have potential for vulnerabilities that could pose a risk to your organisation. These vulnerabilities may seem simple, as simple as a device which has not been updated recently. However, they could give an attacker a way to successfully attack your organisation and cause harm.
Using specialised tools, our team can scan your systems to identify any vulnerabilities which are present. Identifying these vulnerabilities allows you to know what needs to be fixed to make your organisation more secure.

Why conduct Vulnerability Scanning?

Vulnerability Management

Ensure your organisation's systems are kept up to date and operational through regular scanning and analysis.

Asset discovery

Discover internet-connected assets that were previously unknown to the organisation.


You can’t fix what you don’t know needs fixing. A vulnerability scan can help your organisation to know the areas where it is at greatest risk for a cyber attack. The awareness of which vulnerabilities exist in your organisation is the first step in resolving your technical vulnerabilities.


Scan results

Our team will provide you with the vulnerabilities discovered. This will include specific vulnerability ID’s, details of the vulnerability, actions to take to remediate the vulnerability, and any information from the vendor of the vulnerable product.


Identify possible areas of the network where automation can assist in patching vulnerabilities at the first available opportunity.

Security compliance and audit

Once the incident has begun to move past the initial response phase, it is important to remediate any outstanding vulnerabilities to prevent an attack from occuring again. We will help you put the appropriate mitigations in place based on the desired outcomes and budgets.

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