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We provide training tailored to the needs of your organisation, helping to equip your team with skills to be attentive and respond to cyber threats and incidents.

Privacy Awareness Training

What is Privacy Awareness Training?

Presentations prepared by us to educate your organisation’s staff on state, federal and international privacy laws and equip them with skills on how to manage personal information within legislative requirements.

We will conduct training sessions for you organisation upon request.

Why conduct Privacy Awareness Training?

Reduced Risk

The knowledge and skills obtained from this training program will significantly reduce your organisation’s privacy and information risks. The organisations that participate in this training can reduce the risk of a data breach and protect the organisation from the repercussions of data breaches, such as financial loss and reputational damage.

Lower risk of privacy breaches and better breach response

privacy regulations ensure that organisations take the necessary measures to safeguard personal data when handling it, hence putting organisations at a lower risk of having their data accessed or stolen

Lower risk of penalty

lower likelihood of your organisation being subject to penalties such as having to pay fines as data is being handled correctly by all staff and within regulations.


Staff Presentation

cyberSuite Law will deliver a presentation at your organization’s office accompanied by a Q&A session.

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