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incident response

We are here to help in the event a cyber incident, providing swift advice and incident response and helping your organisation reduce the risk of future threats to your business.

Uninsured Incident Response 

cyberSuite's Uninsured Incident Response Coordination

When your organisation experiences a cyber incident, it can be challenging to know who to turn to and what to do.

cyberSuite’s Uninsured Incident Response Coordination provides response advice, coordination, and remediation advice to organisations responding to a cyber security incident.

Unsure how to proceed?

Access to Experts

Our team of experts have experience handling incident response that can be invaluable in guiding your decision making and actions taken. Additionally, if the incident requires the attention of specialised vendors, our team will help coordinate those vendors.

Effective response

Cyber incidents are often too complicated for any organisation to effectively handled internally. Our services help guide you through the response process for the most effective incident response possible.

Reduced Risk of Future Cyber Incidents

Eliminating the immediate threat of a cyber incident is only the first step in a proper response. Our team can assist you in identifying controls, procedures, and strategies you can put in place to reduce the risk of future cyber incidents.


Initial response advice

When you are dealing with an incident, it can be overwhelming, our experts will advise you on the initial step to reduce the impact of the incident.


Our experts will coordinate or conduct the required responses in consultation with key business and IT managers in the organisation.


Once the incident has begun to move past the initial response phase, it is important to remediate any outstanding vulnerabilities to prevent an attack from occurring again. We will help you put the appropriate mitigations in place based on the desired outcomes and budgets.

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