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We help your organisation to assess and enhance your cybersecurity posture, mitigate risks, and navigate the evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Cyber Maturity Assessment 

What is a CMA?

The Cyber Maturity Assessment (CMA) is a risk-based cyber security, privacy and data protection assessment. It is designed to help organisations evaluate and improve their cyber security and privacy maturity, reduce organisational risk, and increase compliance with industry standards.

In an evolving cyber threat landscape, with frequent occurrences of devastating data breaches, it is more important than ever to effectively manage the cyber risks to your organisation.

The CMA enables your business leaders to understand the current controls in place, the cyber risks your organisation faces, and establish a path to greater cyber resilience. This assessment combines multiple recognised standards to create a holistic evaluation of your organisation’s cyber posture. The standards and criteria of the assessment are drawn from:

  • ACSC Essential Eight;
  • ISO 27001;
  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework;
  • ICO Accountability Framework;
  • Current Insurance Requirements; and
  • Industry Best Practice.

Why conduct a CMA?

Risk Reduction

The CMA provides improved understanding and reduction of your cyber risks. Your organisation will be able to leverage the CMA report and remediation plan to maximise your cyber risk reduction strategies, increase resiliency, and be in a stronger position to meet and exceed compliance requirements.


You gain the assurance that your security and data protection controls meet recognised standards for protecting your information and assets, whilst reducing your overall cyber risk. A CMA provides both validation of your security and data protection maturity, as well as a tailored plan for implementing additional controls.

Expert Advice

We apply our expert knowledge and experience in cyber security, risk management, data protection, and privacy to provide a truly holistic view of the maturity and risks of your cyber security and data protection.


Formal Report

You will receive a detailed report assessing your current approach to and maturity within governance, information security, and data and privacy protection. We also assess your organisation's risk profile to form a comprehensive evaluation of your cyber security posture and identify areas for improvement which align with your risk appetite.

Recommendations Roadmap

You will receive a tailored remediation plan which outlines uplifting controls and processes that can increase your alignment with recognised international standards and reduce your overall cyber risk exposure.


You gain confidence in your governance, information security, and privacy and data protection risk management controls, processes, and maturity, while gaining an understanding of what is needed to improve your cyber resiliency.

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