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Trusted Advisor

What is the Trusted Advisor service?

cyberSuite’s Trusted Advisor is a service that offers your organisation the chance to have a skilled expert in cybersecurity and privacy advise you. It provides you access to an expert who will inform your organisation and look out for your best interests within the realms of cyber security and privacy.

Our advisors can assist in the developing and implementation of robust cybersecurity strategies, without the need to invest in an in-house cyber executive.

Our team can help you stay up to date on the constantly changing landscape of cyber security and privacy legislation. We can help you to make informed decisions around policy and procedures. And we can help you to identify areas in your organisation which may be most at risk.

You also gain access to our in-house developed tools and resources as well as assistance in using them to build robust policies, plans, strategies, and more.

Why use the Trusted Advisor service?

Informed Decisions

When it comes to the decision-making process in any organisation, having expert advice can help you balance the need for security with the needs of business operations. Our experts can inform you of the risks facing your organisation, so you can align your organisation's goals, privacy, and security.

Quality Strategies

Developing strategies around risk management, cyber security, and data privacy can be challenging. However, with our trusted advisor service, we can simplify the process, ensure the strategies meet your goals, and provide guidance on industry best practices.

Increased Understanding

Cyber security and data privacy are complex topics that can be challenging for any organisational leader to navigate. Our trusted advisors love educating and are there to help bring understanding of the regulatory requirements, recognised standards, and relevant controls and risks.



Our Trusted Advisor service can help advise you on the impacts to cyber security and privacy, the compliance requirements, and the threat landscape facing your organisation. We provide tailored advice around defining strategies, determining policies, and evaluating controls within your organisation.


Knowing that an expert is there to assist, advise, and educate you can lead to increased confidence in your organisation’s operations, policies, and strategies.

Research and Resources

Our Trusted Advisor service provides access to tools and resources to reduce the risks your organisation faces. You also gain access to our team’s research capabilities, including industry connections, monitoring of threat feeds, and the ability to engage with complicated matters and discern the best course of action.

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