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We help your organisation to assess and enhance your cybersecurity posture, mitigate risks, and navigate the evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Organisational Resilience

What is Organisational Resilience?

Using our in-house-developed templates and our expert guidance, our team will assist you in developing your effective and useable Business Continuity Plan and/or Cyber Incident Response Plan.

We will conduct facilitation sessions, interviews, workshops, coaching sessions, and documentation review to make the process simple and easy.

Organisations will inevitably face incidents which negatively affect them and may even pose a threat to their continuation. BCP and IRP documents, and the acts of creating them, represent one of the greatest steps your organisation can take towards being more resilient to threats.

Why conduct it?

Improved Response to Incidents

The best way to effectively handle incidents is by preparing and planning beforehand. Through building your BCP and/or IRP, you will determine your plans, strategies, and priorities outside of the stress of an active incident/ This results in clear and well-informed choices and an improved incident response.

Streamlined Development Process

Our Organisational Resilience service will help your team navigate the complicated process of building BCPs and IRPs, by facilitating the process, providing expert guidance, and working with your team.

Increase Resilience

A key aspect of building your BCP or IRP is determining your organisation's critical systems, risks, and recovery efforts during an incident. This process both helps to document what is in place, and allows you to identify areas where you can improve, making you even more prepared and more resilient.


A Business Continuity and/or Incident Response Plan

Our organisational Resilience service will help you to build your BCP or cyber IRP, allowing for improved response and recovery from incidents.


By identifying the threats facing your organisation and designing responses to those threats, your leadership can feel confident the organisation can effectively navigate incidents. As you determine your recovery and response strategies, your team will also gain confidence in their abilities to manage incidents.

Expert Advice

Throughout the process, our team of experts is available to provide advice and assistance. We can provide tailored advice and recommendations, including suggesting recovery methods, proposing measures to take to increase resilience, and helping to identify risks to your organisation.

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